Покрытие на трубы нефтяного сортамента
617060, Пермский край, г. Краснокамск, ул. Геофизиков, 3

Before pilot testing the well had regularly been flushed with heat-transfer medium (hot oil and hot water) with 30-day intervals between flushing operations, and the PCP had been cleaned up 4 times a day using an automatic dewaxing unit UOK-NKT. The photo shows the PCP after 366 days of pilot operation – no additional dewaxing operations were performed.
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Since 2019 JSC TURGAI-PETROEUM has been using 73 mm PCPs (hereafter referred to as «PCP») with inner ARGOF polymer coating produced under Technical Specification TU 1308-001-70855358-2010.

The 73 mm PCPs with inner ARGOF polymer coating have proved to be reliable in operation, efficient in use in bore holes with aggressive fluids and high carbon dioxide concentrations and easy to handle. In the process of pulling and running operations the 73 mm PCPs with inner ARGOF polymer coating has shown no deviations from the set-up parameters, which would result in complication or delays in such operations.

Up to this moment, well operation with the 73mm PCPs has been fault-free. As of September 29, 2020, the average life was 280 days.

V.V. Khvastov